Stories, Art, Food, Teaching, Travel, and the other Loves of my Life

Stories, Art, Food, Teaching, Travel, and the other Loves of my Life
"Tell me, what is it you plan to do / With your one wild and precious life?" Mary Oliver, "The Summer Day"

Monday, January 3, 2011


I don't really think in terms of "resolutions," but I do think in terms of "new." New things to try. New things to learn. New places to go.

-Take a Russian class
-Learn to do a handstand
-Do the splits (the yoga way, not the cheerleader way)
-Make my own noodles (Italian and Asian)
-Finish my book
-Start a real garden
-Dress up more
-Take an online course at Yale
-Switch to 100% organic cleaning products
-Get at least 3 more stamps in my passport
-Read 50 books by Nobel-prize-winning authors
-Write more letters to my grandparents (at least once a month)

One solid new rule: No more watching TV during dinner. We are going to be civilized and connected in this house and it starts at the table, dammit!

Vaguer things to keep in mind, rather than check off a list:

I want to be: smart, good, strong, grounded, and fun. Sassy and fancy and ready for sun.


  1. Good for you! They are all great goals. I will tell you that my husband and I made that pledge to not eat dinner in front of the TV, too. It lasted a year. Hah. Hey, at least we did stick with it for awhile. Ya have to give us some credit. LOL

  2. Ha! We've allowed ourselves a few exceptions... tonight, for example. The State of the Union CLEARLY takes priority : )